The travel insurance for your stays in the Schengen area. Contract valid for Schengen visa applications.

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Strong points :

  • Valid for Schengen visa application
  • Valid for “Attestation d’accueil” in France
  • Contract valid throughout the Schengen Area
  • Benefits covered by Allianz
  • Receive your policy in just a few minutes
  • Excellent price/quality ratio

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More information about the plan

The beneftis of Europax perfectly comply with the requirements for Schengen visa applications:
– Medical coverage of at least EUR 30 000
– Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation


Health and assistance benefits

Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Medical and hospitalization expenses in the Schengen area EUR 30 000 (deductible: EUR 30)
Dental care EUR 92
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Medical repatriation or transport Actual expenses
Escort during medical repatriation or transport Ticket
Repatriation of the corpse in case of death Actual expenses
Funeral costs related to transport EUR 1 500
Rescue expenses EUR 1 500 per person and EUR 4 000 per event
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Bodily damage EUR 4 575 000
Material damage EUR 76 000
Entrusted objects during a period of internship EUR 11 500
Deductible EUR 100

Rates depending your home country and the length of your stay

Resident in Europe, Africa, America Resident in Asia, Pacific, Australia
1 - 10 days EUR 17 EUR 21
11 - 16 days EUR 23 EUR 29
17 - 22 days EUR 29 EUR 35
23 - 30 days EUR 40 EUR 46
31 - 45 days EUR 46 EUR 53
46 - 60 days EUR 53 EUR 65
61 - 75 days EUR 61 EUR 73
76 - 90 days EUR 67 EUR 81

How to subscribe Europax Schengen insurance?

Subscribe online in just a few minute

  • Your insurance policy is available in a few minutes when subscribing online.
  • The contract can be subscribe by the person himself or by a third party.

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Main Benefits

  • Our emergency service is available by phone 24/7 and by email, in English, French, Spanish, and other languages.
  • We cover urgent medical expenses.
  • If necessary, we organize your transferral to a specialized medical center or a repatriation to your home country.
  • In case of repatriation, we also take care of the transport of insured family members.
  • Europax also covers search and rescue expenses following an event which endangers your life.

How to be reimbursed?

Send by mail to:

ACS – Service Médical
153, rue de l’Université
75007 Paris – France

  • the completed claim form
  • the original paid invoices
  • the full medical report
  • all the documents required in the claim form
  • a copy of your passport : identification page and arrival stamp (as part of the fight against terrorism, each file must include these documents)

Our address

ACS – Travel & Expatriate Insurance Solutions
Insurance brokerage company
153, rue de l’Université, 75007 PARIS, FRANCE
Phone number : +33 (0)1 40 47 91 00
N° ORIAS 07 000 350 – Website ORIAS :

Email :