At ACS, we insure everybody,
everywhere in the world!





AMI Expatriate Health Insurance is designed for all persons residing outside their home country for one year or more: company employees, NGO workers, employees of international bodies and associations, members of the diplomatic corps, etc.

The plans

AMI Expatriate Health Insurance is offered in a number of different plans that can be adapted to most cover needs and budgets.

The covers

  • Different levels of coverage are proposed, in the following categories:
  • Healthcare
  • Contingency fund: Death, per diem compensation payments, invalidity pensions
  • Assistance: Repatriation, medical transport, etc.
  • Third-party liability
  • Retirement

Some features and benefits

  • A reliable and efficient management of your insurance contract, result of ACS' more than 30 years of experience insuring expatriates all over the World
  • In the case of hospitalization, ACS directly undertakes your hospital medical expenses for you to avoid paying out from your own pocket sums that can be important
  • Cover of dental and optical care
  • Deductible and coinsurance free plan options
  • Fast reimbursements in more than 100 different currencies
  • No extra charges for monthly, quarterly and semiannual premium payments
  • Actual expense reimbursements with no bank fees
  • Real time access to your reimbursement status and balance through the Internet
  • Once accepted, ACS commits not to cancel your policy due to above average medical expenses, nor to raise your fee above the general annual premium increase

ACS Emergency Service

Our emergency service is at your disposal by phone 24/7/365 in all main languages. If your health condition requires it, they will make all the necessary arrangements for you to be transferred to the best adapted medical centre for your illness or to be repatriated to your home country by the most appropriate mean.




AMI Expatriate Health Insurance can be subscribed by anyone under 65 years of age residing outside his/her country of origin and belonging to the International Mobility Association*.


You are covered in the geographic zone you chose for your expatriation. For countries outside the chosen geographic area, medical costs are only refundable if they have been incurred during a stay of less than 7 weeks and stem from an accident or an illness for which treatment was urgent.

Effective date

The covers take effect on the first day of the month following receipt of the enrolment application accompanied by the first payment. Approval is subject to the acceptance of the medical questionnaire sent with the application form.

The contract is then renewed automatically on January 1st of each year.

Waiting period

Certain treatments are refunded after a waiting period

  • Dental implants: 6 months
  • Optical: 6 months
  • Water cure: 6 months

These waiting periods do not apply if you can provide the proof of an equivalent cover prior (not older than 30 days) to your subscription to AMI Expatriate Health Insurance.


They depend on the insurance plan, the chosen area of expatriation and your age, i.e., the age reached during the calendar year (e.g. a person born in 1970 who enrolled in 2000 = 30 years whatever the month of enrolment).

The premiums change once a year, on January 1st, according to your age and changes in the general medical consumption index.

Premiums can be paid annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly in advance by cheque, wire transfer or direct debit to your credit card.

*International Mobility Association enrolment cost

The costs for enrolment to the International Mobility Association are payable once a year. They amount for 20 € by contract.