Repatriation Assistance and Public Liability Insurance for Expatriates

Designed to complete and reinforce expatriate's international protection.

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This plan covers :

  • Over 12 months
  • Worldwide
  • Expatriates of all nationalities under 65 years old

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  • Contract covered by Allianz
  • No medical questionnaire
  • Online subscription
  • Immediate delivery of the insurance policy
  • Worldwide cover
  • Emergency service 24/7/365

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The benefits in details

Benefits Amount covered
Repatriation or medical transport Actual expenses
Transport of the body in the event of death Actual expenses
Funeral expenses required for transportation EUR 1 500
Repatriation of other family members (in case of death) Ticket (one way only)
Return of the Insured to the country of expatriation after "consolidation" Ticket (one way only)
Early Return Ticket (round trip), limited to once per insured person and per insurance period
Psychological support 3 telephone interviews per insured person and per insurance period
Benefits Amount covered
Physical Injury, Material or Consequential Loss EUR 4 500 000
Material and Consequential Loss only EUR 150 000
Deductible per claim EUR 150

Annual rates

Zone A
Zone B
Worldwide except USA, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore
Individual cover EUR 263 EUR 158
Family cover (min. 3 members) EUR 651 EUR 368
Zone A
Zone B
Worldwide except USA, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore
Individual cover EUR 100 EUR 60
Family cover (min. 3 members) EUR 180 EUR 110

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More info about the expatriate insurance

Based on more than 30 years of experience covering travelers and expatriates all over the World, ACS knows that, when living in a foreign country, having a good health insurance is very important for the peace of mind of the expatriate and his family.

Nevertheless, health coverage by its own might not be enough for facing situations in which medical evacuation or repatriation to the home country is needed, if the local medical infrastructure does not have the capacity to provide appropriate care.

To help expatriates complete their coverage, ACS has designed an insurance specially conceived for people that may already have health insurance but want to enhance their coverage with a repatriation and medical evacuation cover.

To go even further with the protection of people living abroad, ACS has also added a civil liability cover that can be subscribed as an option.

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