Senior Expatriate Health Insurance

Worldwide health insurance for retired expatriates over 60 years old.

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This plan covers :

  • Over 12 months
  • Worldwide
  • Retired expatriates over 60 years old

Strong points :

  • Online subscription
  • Reimbursements possible in 100 currencies
  • Insurance claims online
  • Access to all documents via the website
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Emergency service 24/7/365

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Possibility to subscribe this contract without a medical questionnaire!

Specific benefits for expatriates over 60 years old

Medical fees
Laboratory analyzes
Repatriation assistance and medical transport
Chronic illnesses follow-up
Nursing home care
Preventive care


Premiums depend on the insurance plan, the chosen area of expatriation and your age, i.e., the age reached during the calendar year (e.g. a person born in 1980 who enrolled in 2010 = 30 years whatever the month of enrollment).

The premiums change once a year, on January 1st, according to your age and changes in the general medical consumption index.
Premiums can be paid annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly in advance by cheque, wire transfer or direct debit to your credit card

You can choose deductibles with your insurance policy. You reduce your premiums from 6% to 51%, depending on the amount of the deductible chosen. You can freely increase or decrease your deductible amount when your contract is annually renewed, without additional administrative or medical formalities.

The deductible applies per person and for a 12-month period. Once the deductible amount is reached, you are covered up to the limits mentioned in your contract.
The deductible only applies to medical care: hospitalization and medical expenses.
The deductible does not apply to vaccinations, optics and health checks or optional covers (eg: dental care and repatriation assistance).

For a 66-year-old French expatriate living in Thailand whith a Prima Premier coverage Hospitalization only:
Annual premium without deductible: EUR 5 641
Annual premium with a EUR 600 € deductible: EUR 3 959

Amount of the deductible Discount on the premiums
EUR 60 – 6%
EUR 180 – 12%
EUR 360 – 21%
EUR 600 – 30%
EUR 1 200 – 39%
EUR 3 000 – 43%
EUR 6 000 – 47%
EUR 9 000 – 51%

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How to subscribe the senior expatriate health insurance

You have two options subscribe your insurance: with or without a medical questionnaire.


Subscribe WITHOUT medical questionnaire (Moratorium) *

The medical conditions or related conditions for which you received medical treatment, you had symptoms (with or without medical follow-up) or consulted within 5 years prior to your subscription date (pre-existing medical condition) are not covered. However, after a continuous period of 2 years as an insured person, the pre-existing conditions may be covered provided that:

  • You have not consulted a doctor or specialist for medical treatment or advice
  • You have not had any symptoms
  • You have not taken any medications (including special diets or injections) for this condition for a continuous period of two years after the subscription date
    It must be noted that certain pre-existing medical conditions and their corresponding treatment will never be covered, in particular:
    Treatment of diabetes and its consequences: ischemic heart disease, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic kidney disease, arterial disease, stroke
  • Ongoing treatment for high blood pressure (hypertension): ischemic heart disease, stroke, renal insufficiency
  • Current treatment or research for prostate abnormalities

* Subscription in “moratorium” is only possible for the expatriate under 74 years old


Subscribe WITH medical questionnaire

You can report your medical history using a medical questionnaire. Our medical service will make a decision as to the acceptance of your insurance application as well as any special conditions that may apply.

If specific medical exclusions have been issued for membership for which you have not had any treatment or symptoms, you can request a re-examination of your membership after 2 years of continuous insurance (certain medical conditions are still excluded).


Download the Senior expatriate health insurance medical questionnaire (PDF)

Effective date

The covers take effect on the first day of the month following receipt of the enrolment application accompanied by the first payment. This policy offer a lifetime coverage.

The contract is then renewed automatically on January 1st of each year for periods of 12 months.


Withdrawal period: 14 days

You can cancel your contract within 14 days after the effective date (free of charge). To the extent that you have not filed a refund request, we will refund the full amount of your membership fee.

Online Quote and Subscription

How to be reimbursed ?

  • Reimbursement requests

Our reimbursement service is available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our management centers are located in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Singapore.
We have made the application process as simple as possible: you can send us your request by email, online, by telephone, fax or mail, 24h24.

Our web applications and associated services give you the opportunity to request a prior agreement for your care, download a refund form as well as medical bills that you have already paid.

Before any hospitalization, you must contact us to confirm that you are covered for the care concerned. You can do it online or by calling our 24-hour management center. We will directly take care of the payment of the hospital’s bill for your treatment, you will not have to advance the fees. In some countries, we directly take care of the cost of routine medical care (contact us for information).

After a physician visit, log online onto your insured area and upload a copy of all the invoices you have received. Alternatively, you can submit a reimbursement request with a copy of your paid invoices by e-mail, fax or mail.

Contract subscribed with our partner HEALIX

Effective management

In partnership with HEALIX, a company specializing in the management of international health insurance policies, provide a quality service:

  • Hospitalization fees directly undertaken
  • Fast reimbursements in more than 100 different currencies
  • Insurance claims online
  • Access to all documents via the website (request for reimbursement, details of coverage, etc.)
  • Sending of your reimbursement statement by secured email
  • Order insured cards and insurance certificates through the Internet.


Emergency service

  • Emergency call number available 24/7 in 20 languages
  • If your health condition requires it, we organize the transfer to the most appropriate medical center
  • If necessary, we organize the repatriation to your country of origin in the best conditions (if option subscribed)


Online Quote and Subscription

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