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Vietnam is a well-connected country. The country has 134 million mobile subscribers, the 6th largest in the world. Mobile phones and SIM cards are so widely-available that you can easily purchase one along most of the streets. Some of the top telecom companies in Vietnam are Viettel Mobile, MobiFone and VinaPhone.

As of 2012, 36 per cent of the national population is connected to the internet. It’s the 16th highest penetration rate in the world. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operating in the country are Corporation for Finance and Promoting Technology (FPT), Netnam Company, Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC), Saigon Post and Telecommunications Services Corporation (SPT) and the Viettel Company.


According to expats living in Hanoi, an individual living in a 45 sqm flat spends about US$40 for utilities including electricity, heating, water and gas. A family of three living in an 85 sqm apartment allots US$50-55 for utility bills. You can pay your bills at the payment centres, banks and ATMs.

  • Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Hanoi Power Corporation
    24-hour hotlines: 042-2222-000 / 1-900-1288
  • Hanoi Water Limited Company (HAWACO)
    Ba Dinh Tel. No: (04) 3829-3155
    Dong Da Tel. No.: (04) 3747-4035
    Hoan Kiem Tel. No.: (04) 3825-7670
    Hai Ba Trung Tel. No.: (04) 3821-1638
    Cau Giay Tel. No.: (04) 3764-0175


  • Police: 113
  • Fire Department: 114
  • Ambulance/First Aid: 115
  • General Information Service: 1080




If you’re staying in Hanoi or any part of Vietnam for more than six months, it’s advisable that you open a local bank account to save on transaction costs on foreign accounts. Most banks in Vietnam will allow you to open an account online. Expats are required to present their valid original passport and visa in to open a savings account. If you need a current account, you may be asked to present an endorsement letter from your Vietnam-based employer. The initial deposit will depend on your bank of choice.

ATMs can easily be found in Hanoi. However, if you’re to other parts of the country, you should have enough cash with you as ATMs are scarce in the countryside. You can withdraw a max of two million Vietnamese dong per day, except for ANZ Bank which allows cash withdrawals up to four million Vietnamese dong.

  • Citibank Vietnam
    Hanoi Branch: Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi
    Call Centre: +848-3521-1111
    Tel. No.: +844-3825-1950

Chambers of Commerce (located in Hanoi)


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