Welcome to ACS, a human-sized company!

A family company

ACS is a family story starting in 1986. With the years going by, the company knew how to grow by offering products fitting its clients’ needs, always keeping in mind its human and family touch.

ACS’ management team consists of:

Direction ACS

A multicultural team in tune with you

Our multicultural team consists of around forty people from all around the world, here to assist you and help you finding the best insurance solution, fitting your personal or professional needs.

Here at ACS, you won’t find any call center where you are no more than a number. A personal advisor will answer your questions and will take the time to fully understand your situation to offer you an insurance contract that will fit you the best.

You don’t speak French ? No worries ! Here at ACS, we speak 14 languages!


Different departments to meet your needs

ACS activity is organized in different departments, each of them bringing its experience and expertise to match with our clients’ expectations.

Our Travel Department answers your questions by email, by phone or in person. Do not hesitate to contact them! Whether you are going on vacation for a few days, on a round-the-world trip for several months or leaving with a Working Holiday Visa, they will advise you and offer you the insurance solution which fits your needs.

Our Expatriation Department takes care of our expatriates all around the world, as well as our broker network. If you are looking for an expatriation insurance for yourself, your family or your employees, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make you a personalized insurance offer, depending on your destination and the benefits needed.

The Holder Departement manages our diplomatic clientele, coming from everywhere in the world. You can ask them for tailor-made health, car or housing insurance.

Last but not least, ACS has its very own Medical Department, which processes our clients’ refund requests from all over the world every day. Our Medical Department is continuously in contact with our assistance center to organize hospitalizations and repatriations among our clients’ whose state of health require our immediate action.


40 years of experience and more than 100 000 clients all over the world.

ACS counts around 40 employees and figure prominently among the insurance brokers specialized in international mobility, thanks to its 40 years of experience and its more than 100 000 clients all over the world.

Our address

ACS – Travel & Expatriate Insurance Solutions
Insurance brokerage company
153, rue de l’Université, 75007 PARIS, FRANCE
Phone number : +33 (0)1 40 47 91 00
N° ORIAS 07 000 350 – Website ORIAS : www.orias.fr

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