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Slimane HAMADI, traveler in Australia

I’m back from a WHV in Australia, and I have nothing but positive things to say about ACS! Quick subscription, available and sympathetic customer service. I had to come back to France prematurely for personal reasons, my refund request was processed in a few days. Quiet rare in the insurance sector! I’m completely satisfied and I will call upon ACS again for my WHV in Canada in the coming months.

Emilie, WHV in Montréal, Canada

The idea of going to the doctor abroad can be scary, and one will prefer to wait to be back home. However, once you are sick you have no choice! The consult went well and the answers, help and comprehension from ACS insurance made me realized that, in case of trouble, I won’t be worried. Even thousands of kilometers away, answers came quickly and gave me all the details I needed. Thank you so much!

Samuel D, expatriate in Canada

Living in Canada, I subscribed to ACS. Life and its little health issues is the same in Canada than in France though... I called on ACS twice, and their promptness and seriouness cannot be blamed, which is a relief when you are abroad. Do not hesitate to call on ACS!

Raphaëlle Mazon, serial traveler

I subscribed Globe PVT through and I had a 10% discount doing so. I renewed my contract 3 times since May 2014. I've been to Australia for two years, then I decided to go on in Auckland, New Zealand. After a fainting fit, I've been admitted to an hospital overnight and had to advance more than NZD 3 000 to pay all the fees related to this hospitalization. Back to France, I contacted ACS by email to be refunded. I was in contact with Miss Péducasse who took care of my request quickly. In less than a week, I received the refund in my bank account. I deeply thank Miss Péducasse for her help.

Manon, WHV in New Zealand

Nothing bad to say about Globe Partner contract: a good price and fast refunds. The team is always available to answer quickly to any question, information we need or problem we have. First subscription in 2012, it is with pleasure that I subscribe again for my new Working Holiday Visa!

Lucie, traveler in Québec

Very good insurance, I had health issues during my stay and the cover and refund were very fast!

Juliette, WHV in Canada

I would like to thank Globe PVT and ACS for their service : my request has been recorded with a simple email! I do not have the feeling to send my request in a ocean of other sollicitations! I thought I would have to wait for months, but I was wrong! I would like to thank all the ACS team for its efficiency and kindness.

Franck G, compulsive traveler

You show some seriousness that is too rare nowadays. By the way, I just subscribed a new insurance plan for my next travel.

Eugénie, traveler in Hong Kong

For my Working Holiday Visa In Hong Kong I chose Globe PVT and I am fully satisfied. After 8 months there, I suddenly fell very sick in January, the biggest humidity peak in Hong Kong : bonchitis, ear infection, sinusitis... all at the same time with a month of very expensive care and medicines. In 15 days I have been fully refunded !

Elisa, Travel Blogger

Insured with Globe PVT contract for my WHV in Canada, I also travel a lot in other countries. With my complete contract I am well covered even outside Canada. I've been trekking in Nepal and fortunately, I was well covered ! At the foot of the Thorung La pass (5 500 meters in the Annapurna Massif) I had to be repatriated in helicopter due to acute mountain sickness. After a 10 day walk, weakened by this altitude sickness, we were in a very isolated zone only reachable by foot or helicopter... Unable to go down walking (several days of walk) and because my health condition was not getting better, an helicopter came to take me down to Katmandu where I had medical exams and spent a night under observation in a special clinic. While I was exhausted, I didn't had to take care of anything nor give an advance of any money. My ACS insurance plan covered my repatriation fees, which cost around USD 5 000. Find out more about Elisa & Max adventures on their travel blog Best Jobers


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