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ParisDedicated to international mobility for more than 30 years, ACS designs insurance plans fitting all its clients’ needs, whether they are vacationer, backpackers, students, travelers around the world, professional or expatriates.

Our insurance plans are made for people outside their country of origin for variable duration and different status: Schengen visa, Working Holiday Visa, diplomatic mission, work permit, business trip, au pair, humanitarian trip, vacation…

Located in Paris, ACS offers travel and expatriation insurances at the best price, especially designed for our 70 000 clients all over the world.

Our history

It begins in 1986. Back then, ACS was offering its covers to foreign students in France. These covers were then completed by insurance for French students studying abroad; then extended to international trainees and researchers, diplomats and now they include all those who travel or live outside their country of origin.

In 2002, ACS completed its expansion with the takeover of the Holder Company, dedicated to insurance for diplomats.

Today ACS offers a wide range of international insurance plans for everyone.

From travelers to expatriates, we meet every need

The covers proposed by ACS target different types of people: Travelers going abroad for holidays or business as well as students, trainees and researchers.

ACS programs for longer periods are designed for national and international expatriates and diplomats. The covers are subscribed as personal or group policies through companies, schools, embassies or international bodies.

We offer health, assistance, civil liability and repatriation benefits.

As for group insurance plans, tailored solutions and personalized benefits can be offered, depending on each client’s specific needs. Learn more about our tailor-made offers.

In addition to that, ACS also offers other insurance plans such as car and multiple-risk home housing insurances.

Meet our team

Recognized insurer partners

Our benefits are subscribed among the biggest French and international companies. Among them:

– Allianz, international insurance company working with 140 000 employees and covering 86.3 million clients in more than 70 countries.

– Axa, French international group, AXA is today the first global insurance brand, with more than 166 000 employees all over the world and representations in more than 63 countries.

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Diversified distribution channels

You can subscribe to an ACS health insurance via different channels:

– At the head office in Paris, where you can talk with an advisor who will offer you the best insurance solution. It is also here that group contracts are processed, to offer tailor-made solutions.

– Through this website

– Finally, through our national and international brokers network that offer our covers

Any question?

Do not hesitate to ask and share with us your insurance needs!

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30 years experience and more than 80 000 clients all over the world.

ACS counts around 40 employees and figure prominently among the insurance brokers specialized in international mobility, thanks to its 30 year experience and its 80 000 clients all over the world.

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