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This plan covers :

  • Healthcare expenses, repatriation, civil liability, sports, baggage, and more!
  • Valid worldwide for travels up to 12 months long
  • For travellers of all nationalities aged under 66 years old

Strong points :

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Customisable benefits
  • Online subscription: fast and easy!
  • 10% discount for groups of three or more
  • Multilingual 24/7 emergency helpline
  • Fast reimbursements
  • Possibility of subscribing after your departure!

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Health and assistance benefits

Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Maximum medical expenses per person and per year
(for North America only the € 500 000 option is available)
€ 150 000 or € 300 000 or € 500 000 according to the chosen option
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Surgery and hospitalisation
possibility of direct payment for stays in a hospital of more than 24 hours
100% actual costs, no deductible*
Consultations, pharmacy, analyses, x-rays, paramedical procedures 100% actual costs*
Emergency dental treatment 100% up to € 300*
Dental treatment following an accident 100% up to € 600*
*For students You maintain the same coverage in your country of residence when you return on holidays, only for emergencies and up to a maximum of € 15 000.
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Death lump sum benefit € 1 000
Accidental death lump sum benefit € 10 000
Permanent disability following and accident lump sum benefit € 50 000
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Medical transport 100% of actual costs
Repatriation for medical reasons 100% of actual costs
Accompaniment during the transport of the insured Return ticket
Visit from a relative in case of hospitalisation longer than 6 days Return ticket + € 80 per night
(maximum 8 nights)
Early return following the death of a member of the immediate family Inbound ticket – actual costs
Extension of the stay for medical reasons Inbound ticket + € 80 per night
(maximum 15 nights)
Evacuation in case of unstable political situation (acts of terrorism) Inbound ticket
Dispatch of essential medicines which cannot be found on site 100% of actual costs
Transmission of urgent messages 100% of actual costs
Search costs 100% up to € 5 000
Cash advance in case of theft or loss up to € 700
Legal representative fees up to € 3 000
Advance of bail up to € 7 000
Repatriation of the body in case of death Actual expenses
(funeral expenses limited to € 1500)
Damage that has been caused to someone else during the trip (travel incl.) is guaranteed Maximum reimbursement
Personal injury € 4 500 000
Damage to property and consequential losses therefor € 450 000
Deductible € 100
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
In case of theft, total or partial destruction, or loss during the transportation by a transport company € 2 000 per contract
with a deductible of € 30
Late delivery of more than 24 hours Basic necessities up to €150
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Charter flights and regular flights, delay exceeding 4 hours Costs of meals, transfer and first night, up to € 150 per person
Benefits Maximum reimbursement
Maximum € 9,000 per person and € 30 000 per event Please check the information booklet for details
Deductible per person € 30
Benefits How it works
Coverage of accidents or illnesses occurring or contracted during the practice of risk sports Removal of exclusions related to practising risk sports
Benefits How it works
Luggage insurance for sports equipment Removal of exclusions related to sports equipment in the Luggage insurance benefit

Pricing according to your destination, trip duration and options

To be able to offer you the best benefits with the best quality-price ratio, Globe Traveller is priced according to your destination zone(s), the duration of your trip and the options added to your coverage.

To obtain an online no-obligation personalised quote, please click here.

10% discount for groups of three or more people of the same family.

Below you will find some pricing examples:

A tourist in Japan in a two-week trip € 31.20
World traveller in a three-month trip across Latin America € 124.80
Four member family travelling for a month in South-East Asia € 149.76
Tourist travelling across Tunisia for one month € 41.60
* Rates for a departure from France with a coverage level of € 150 000 and no extra options.

Frequently asked questions regarding Globe Traveller

  • Why do you offer different levels of coverage?

Protection needs are not the same for everyone. The destination of your trip is also an important point to pay attention to: healthcare costs are not the same in Europe, South-East Asia, or the United States.

To adapt the level of coverage to your needs and destination, Globe Traveller offers three levels of coverage for healthcare expenses:
€ 150 000, € 300 000 and € 500 000.

Please note that for trips to the United States or Canada, only the € 500 000 option is available.

  • How does the Risky Sports option work?

The risky sports option allows you to “purchase” the exclusions concerning the practice of specific sports. In practical terms: the healthcare exclusions regarding Risky Sports are no longer applied.

  • How does the Sports Equipment option work?

The standard luggage benefit excludes the coverage of sports equipment (surfboard, skis, bicycle, etc.). When including the Sports Equipment option to your travel insurance, the exclusion above no longer applies. The maximum reimbursement limit of the Luggage benefit remains unchanged.

  • How does the Trip Cancellation option work?

This option allows you to purchase your trip with peace of mind knowing that in the case of an unexpected covered event occurs before you leave, your travel budget will be preserved.

At the moment, this option is only available for departures from mainland France and must be subscribed the same day you purchase your trip at the latest.

    • How does the Extension of stay benefit work?

You are hospitalized during a covered trip and our doctors deem this hospitalization to be necessary beyond your original return date. We will cover the return ticket and accommodation costs (room and breakfast) for your beneficiary family members or an
insured accompanying person to stay with you, up to the amount indicated in the Table of Benefits.

Only medical requirements are taken into consideration when granting this benefit.

      • Do you offer a discount for groups?

Yes, groups of three people or more are eligible for a 10% discount on the total premium of their Globe Traveller insurance.

      • I need more information

To learn more about Globe Travellers benefits, terms, and conditions, we invite you to download the information booklet.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Service at or by phone to +33 (0)1 40 47 91 00. We will be thrilled to respond to all your inquiries.

How to submit a claim for reimbursement?


Please submit your medical claim directly through our online platform.


Please send your request by mail to:

ACS – Medical Service
To the attention of the Medical Advisor
153, rue de l’Université
75007 Paris – France

Every claim must include:

  • The completed claim form
  • All medical documents in your possession (prescriptions, medical reports, reports, etc.)
  • All the supporting documents indicated on the form
  • The copy of your passport (identification page and arrival stamp)

For any assistance inquiry or a request of direct payment for a hospitalisation of more than 24 hours,
please contact our Emergency platform available 24/7 at:

+33 (0)1 45 16 43 35 If you are in Thailand, please contact : + 66 256 90 117

How to subscribe to Globe Traveller insurance?

Subscribe directly online, fast and easy.

  • You will receive your insurance contract by email in just a few minutes

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Our strong points:

  • Valid worldwide
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Hospitalisation direct payment
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Multilingual emergency service available 24/7/365
  • Fast reimbursements

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